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Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you'll ever make. We hope to make your move a little easier! Please contact us to learn all the services you will receive with Kent & Alan Properties, Inc..

Tips for First Time Home Buyers:

  • Get your finances in order
  • Get familiar with the mortgage industry
  • Get pre-approved for a Mortgage
  • Know your wants and needs
  • Find the Agent that best suites your needs and personality
  • Pre-Offer Tasks: evaluate resale potential, contract contingencies, structural issues, etc
  • Make an Offer
  • Home Inspection and other Due Diligence

Do NOT Do These Things Before You Close:

  • Don't make any major purchases
  • Don't change jobs
  • Don't let your emotions take over
  • Don't ignore lender requirements

Buyer's Agency:
The Realtor’s duty is to obtain the best deal for the buyer. They may pass on any and all information they obtain about the seller or the property to the buyer. As your Buyers Agent, Kent & Alan Properties, Inc. will protect your interests and do our best to keep you well informed and position your offer with the seller to get you the best deal for your hard earned money.

Home Inspection:
It is always a good idea to have the home inspected. Most lenders will require this prior to finalizing a loan. Some inspections such as Termite Inspections are required by law. It is a good idea to have an inspection for any previously owned home and make your offer contingent on the inspection so if any major issues are found you can rescind your offer, if you so choose, without losing your deposit.

Kent & Alan Properties, Inc. can refer you to an experienced and qualified home inspector. Home inspectors are independent of the real estate agency and are state-licensed professionals. Their job is to evaluate the overall condition of the house. This includes making sure that the house is structurally sound, pointing out any glaring repairs needed and making sure that the primary systems of the house are in good condition. Primary systems would include; heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing.

Home Warranties For Buyers:
A home warranty policy protects you from paying for repairs or replacements caused by the unexpected failure of a major system or appliance. You'll pay a small price for this warranty at closing. And get a policy that protects you for a full year. Not all policies are created equally. Kent & Alan Properties, Inc. can refer you to a reputable firm.

Property Disclosure for the Buyer:
North Carolina law requires a seller to fill out a property disclosure statement when property is sold. The seller must provide the disclosure statement to all potential purchasers in connection with the sale.


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